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41.000 euro for full sister Halifax vh Kluizebos

What an exciting evening it was for the first edition of the Equestrian-Auctions.com . Realistic prices were offered for the nice foals, embryos and mares.

On an average the foals were sold for about 12.750 euro per foal. The embryos were sold for 15.000 euro as well while the mares sold for an average of 15.375 euro.

Most exclusive foal actually sold was the painted filly Victoria St. Hubertushoeve  (f. Escape Z). The filly stays in Belgium for 18.000 euro.

Auction topper was the full sister to Halifax vh Kluizebos, embryo Heartbreaker x Fetiche du Pas . This embryo was sold for 41.000 euro to Poland. The 1.50m Chacco-Blue broodmare, Chaclanda moves to Portugal for 32.000 euro.

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Photo. © Equ.Media for Equestrian Auctions