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Equbreeding team niels haesen, bram van hulle, jody bosteels and Matthias Claeys

Equestrian-Auctions and Equbreeding team up!

Together makes strong! In an ever-changing industry where, different equestrian auctions are in competition to deliver the best quality of embryos, foals and/or horses, the team of Equbreeding.auction is happy to announce the partnership with Equestrian-Auctions.com

“From now on, Equestrian-Auctions.com is rebranded to Equestrian-Auctions.com, by Equbreeding.auction.” states Matthias Claeys. “We like to continue the philosophy of Equestrian-Auctions.com, but will focus on creating more valuable collections with a focus on high quality breeding.”

“It is clear Equbreeding.auction focusses on the high-level, exclusive market. The collections of our own auction house aim to offer exclusive investment opportunities.” Claeys continues. “Having Equestrian-Auctions.com on board will allow us to also offer quality breeding offspring with a lower, yet still interesting, threshold.”

Together with the new acquisition, also Niels Haesen (BEL) Stal De Eyckenhoeve joins the team.

“Niels is a respected showjumping trader with a keen eye for exceptional horses. Having Niels on board will allow us to guarantee our quality label while we aim to also offer our clients talented young jumping horses.”

“Last year at the live Equbreeding.auction I noticed the professionalism of the team of Equbreeding.auction. With joining them I hope to be an added value to continue the high quality service they offer and extent the cliental.”